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by John Howard

Hardback: July 2014 (300)
Cover image by Meggan Kehrli
Length: 168 pages
ISBN: 978-1-78380-002-5

Available as a limited edition hardback.

"I found the white cities just as they were in my dreams." ó Joseph Roth

Transylvania: the country beyond the forest and land of the seven fortress towns. In The Silver Voices we encounter the previously unknown eighth town: Sternbergstadt. Now known as Steaua de Munte, itís one of those places where past and present continually meet, with no-one being entirely sure which has the upper hand. In Steaua de Munte history can never be said to be dead and buried; it plays too many tricks on the present and future for that.

Artist in Residence
The Rise and Fall of the SSS
The Reluctant Visionary
In Strange Earth
The Silver Voice
To Hope for a Caesar

John Howard was born in London. His books include The Defeat of Grief, Numbered as Sand or the Stars, Written by Daylight, and Cities and Thrones and Powers. Secret Europe is a joint collection written with Mark Valentine, with whom he also collaborated on several of the stories in The Collected Connoisseur. Howardís articles on weird fiction and its classic authors are gathered in Touchstones: Essays on the Fantastic.

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