The Complete Ghost Stories of Chapelizod
Introduced by Albert Power
Sheridan Le Fanu Series #3

Printings: October 2011 (150)
Style: A5, hand-sewn pamphlet
Length: v + 51 pages

Out of print

"One does well not to under-appreciate the ever-alive allure of reminiscences begotten in childhood. . . . Chapelizod, like the Irish capital of which it was in effect a suburb, in the early 1800s glumly epitomised the glamour and the grandeur that was gone: 'Dead walls; dead trees overhanging them; dead lights instead of windows in the houses; the men grave, the women lifeless, the little spirits squeaking and gibbering in the muddy streets!' Thus must it have appeared to the sensitive mind of the child who grew up to be the author of Uncle Silas, Wylder’s Hand, and The House by the Church-yard—this last the writer’s towering salute to the village and its picturesque environs which had sparked his eager imagination before it could shape itself in prose. Although the Le Fanu family moved to the mid-west of Ireland in 1826, with Reverend Le Fanu’s appointment as Dean of Emly and Rector of Abington, and much of his elder son’s early macabre tales are set in this region and elsewhere in the Irish countryside, the memory of Chapelizod lay dormant in the writer’s mind for twenty-five years before being unleashed in the stories which feature in this book." -from the Introduction by Albert Power

This edition commemorates the 160th anniversary of "Ghost Stories of Chapelizod" (1851) and the 150th anniversary of The House by the Church-yard (1861-1863), and is the first time "Some Gossip about Chapelizod" (1851) has been re-printed. Contents: "Introduction" by Albert Power, "Ghost Stories of Chapelizod", "Some Gossip about Chapelizod" and "Ghost Stories of a Tiled House—Some Extracts from The House by the Church-yard" and "An Afterword Concerning the Text to 'Ghost Stories of the Tiled House' " by Jim Rockhill.

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