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"Lynda is the genuine article - a serious, literary author of 'quiet horror' whose work is disquieting, inspiring, and oddly reassuring. It's good to know that there are writers so gifted working in our genre."

- David Longhorn, Supernatural Tales

"Indirection is a special skill and it's one that Lynda E. Rucker uses frequently to emphasize those near indefinable moments of social alienation and paranoia, that you just want to get up and run far, far away from."

- Adam Nevill, The Quietus

"[Lynda E. Rucker's] stories in You’ll Know When You Get There . . . are cleanly written and expertly constructed . . . "

- Reggie Oliver, Wormwood

"Shirley Jackson Award-winner Lynda E. Rucker is a regular contributor to magazines and anthologies in the dark fiction area. Her second collection, You’ll Know When You Get There, features nine stories (two of which are original to this volume), and confirms her great ability to subtly unsettle the reader by creating disquieting atmospheres no matter what the geographic setting of her work."

- Mario Guslandi, Hellnotes

"Just when the reader thinks they have a handle on Rucker or that the next story couldn’t possibly be as good as the last, the author shifts her game plan, explores pet motifs from a new angle and with refreshed energy . . . "

- Jose Cruz, Dead Reckonings

"Many of the finest tales in this book are about the intersection between fiction and reality and the darkness to be found there."

- James Everington, Scattershot Writing

"A great little collection from an author who knows her genre roots . . . sure to be loved by anyone who appreciates intelligent and well-written spectral stories."

- Peter Tenant, Black Static

"Aficionados of the tradition ghost story will find much to enchant them . . . consistently fine and finely turned prose."

- Paul StJohn Mackintosh, See the Elephant

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