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"Howard's work is both delicate and powerful. He creates worlds from the personal to the political to the fantastic that are so immediate you just experience them and only in the aftermath realize just how pervasive they are."

-Rick Kleffel, The Agony Column

"If there is a unifying theme here it is the transience of existece, from the individual to the social and even the geographical . . . . most [stories] are not only well-written but also offer remarkable ideas."

-David Longhorn, Supernatural Tales 24

"Most of these tales are so subtle as to defy any category of the strange at all, but reward re-reading and are all the greater for it."

-Mark Andresen, The Pan Review

"Howard demonstrates quite well that you don't need conventional ghouls and ghosties to tell a mysterious tale. Written by Daylight will reward both the initial reading and rereadings. I hope to see more from John Howard in the future."

-Kenneth W. Faig, Esoteric Order of Dagon

"John Howard's Written by Daylight casts its net a little wider, stories of an unabashedly genre provenance [rub] elbows with work that is slightly more experimental in nature, tales in which a sense of existential dislocation stands in lieu of more obvious supernatural mechanisms."

-Peter Tennant, Black Static 37

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