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"Bell is not a purveyor of pure horror, but of something much more interesting . . . We are not in Aickman territory where everything is somehow out of joint; Bell's world is shot through with strange beauty but full of tragic and alarming occurrences."

-Reggie Oliver, Wormwood #19

"The stories are fine examples of top notch dark fiction, written in an elegant style, to be enjoyed in all its nuances. The weaker tales are simply good, the best ones breathtaking and just extraordinary."

-Mario Guslandi, British Fantasy Society

"Peter Bell's 'Strange Epiphanies' is a masterfully written and beautifully published collection of short stories that distill the emotions we confront when the past returns into sentences and stories that do not themselves go so gently into the past. Gorgeous prose rises slowly, immersing us in the lives of those who learn too late the power of the past to annihilate the present. This is an outstanding book of "strange stories" that defies easy categorization."

-Rick Kleffel, The Agony Column

"Mr. Bell writes about an area of experience that seems to be almost wholly neglected by other writers . . . He writes about people whose experiences and dispositions have rendered them uniquely susceptible to the power that certain places can exert over the properly attuned . . . It is a testament to Mr. Bell's abilities that their ultimate annihilation seems to be a completely natural consequence of their entrance into this more intense reality . . . I can't wait to read his next collection."

-Ben Stanley, Speculative Fiction Junkie

"This is one of the most impressive short story collections of recent years, and bears comparison with the classics. In some respects it harks back to the Silver Age of the ghost story, between the wars, but the stories have none of the tidiness and cosiness that often prevails in the works of Benson and Burrage. Here there is rarely any hope for those who venture any great ditnace from well-trodden ways."

-David Longhorn, Supernatural Tales #22

"A perfect nugget of dark fantasy, combining regret, loneliness, attempts at sociability . . . .
The comfort of the sinister in literature. A wonderful book."

-D.F. Lewis, Real-Time Reviews

"Strange Epiphanies contains seven really creepy stories by Peter Bell. While each stands alone, there are some similarities between them, so the atmosphere they project mounts progressively through the volume. Bell's protagonists are solitary, though not always failing to cope, they retreat to wild and eerie places which seem to reflect their turmoil. Bell has a talent for finding--even in a world of Google Streetview and Multimap--isolated and less known corners for this purpose."

-David Harris, Ghosts & Scholars

"There is a very familiar landscape evoked through its variants in this seven story collection. Uncanny, rural settings, long ago delineated by the hand of Blackwood or Buchan, are found resurrected here . . . Clearly, Bell knows his subject through personal exploration, as much as, say, M.R. James knew his."

-Mark Andreson, The Pan Review

"Poetic in style and emotionally intimate, the 8 stories in this debut collection combine sound craftsmanship with visionary imagination, reaffirming the emergence of an author whose fictions tell deep and disturbing truths about the human condition."

-William Simmons, Hellnotes

"Strange Epiphanies is a truly dark and dreary collection, but I mean that in only the best way. For fans of quiet, subtly supernatural fiction, it doesn’t get much better than this."

-Robert Morrish, Twilight Ridge

"A Dazzling Collection of Weird Fiction Gems . . . All the stories in Strange Epiphanies are virtually pitch perfect."

-Robert Butterfield, Dead Reckonings #13

"A major feature of Bell's writing is the landscape, which is sumptuously described and dominates the work . . .
The sense of menace and melancholy sown into the pieces emanates primarily from the locales in which they are set and is in large part the reason I can’t recommend
Strange Epiphanies highly enough."

-John Kenny, ...You're Reading

"Part of the effectiveness of [these] stories lies in [Bell's] superb talent for description, for evoking atmosphere, for . . . unearthing the genius loci . . . I look forward very much to his next collection."

-Helen Kemp, A Ghosly Company Newsletter #41

"Strange Epiphanies ensures that Peter Bell will sit on the shelf right next to Robert Aickman"

-Forrest for the Trees

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