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"The lyrical quality of Tem’s prose and his skill at finding the perfect metaphor for expressing the emotional states of his characters make these perfect gems of storytelling whose impact is like that of poetry."

-Stefan Dziemianowicz, Locus

"One of the best collections of 2014 and highly recommended."

-Peter Tennant, Black Static

"Taken together, these stories demonstrate why a neglected, uncommercial literary discipline is important. As many have observed, all novels are flawed to some extent, but it is possibly to produce a perfect short story. Some of those perfect stories are here."

-David Longhorn, Supernatural Tales

"Here with the Shadows, a collection of fifteen short stories, is a tour de force, not necessarily as a result of Tem's singular writing style, but be¬cause the volume plays beautifully—and hauntingly—with the theme of the ghost through the tropes of memory, physical space, and, quite literally, shadow."

-John Edgar Browning, Dead Reckonings

"Steve Tem is a very prolific author of 'quiet' horror in its various shades, probing the secrets hidden in the human heart, which is the very source of any real horror . . . Among the fifteen tales assembled in the book, most are really outstanding examples of how good Tem is at his best."

-Mario Guslandi, Thirteen O'Clock

"Tem’s storytelling is most powerful when he dramatizes loss . . . Loneliness is next to ghostliness, and the isolation and sorrow of the bereaved play a role in luring revenants to the door."

-Róisín Kiberd, Totally Dublin

"Here With the Shadows presents us with a number of exquisite ghost stories and supernatural tales that leave liminal impressions and a faint, queer unease. Ghostly residues, as it were. These little literary soupcon’s are must-reads."

-Michael Kelly, Weird Fiction Review

"[Tem is] a stalwart of the genre, whose weird and ghostly tales have been among the most consistently best for several decades, showing that the horror tale, well-done, can purvey most sensitive reflections of the human condition."

-Peter Bell, A Ghostly Company Newsletter

"This book is all good. But a number of stories are special, more than just good. Those stories as well as the whole book's gestalt itself represent a matchless literary experience to cherish for watchers of man's 'endless fall'."

-D.F. Lewis, Real-Time Reviews

"The evocation of empty hope, amidst the cold and the damp, is chillingly, cloyingly wrought . . . the writer's job is surely achieved."

-Mark Andresen, The Pan Review

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