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"There isn't a weak story here, and I think Le Fanu would have been rather pleased that so many of the themes and ideas that interested him are represented . . . Le Fanu remains a living (or at least an undead) presence in modern weird fiction."

- David Longhorn, Supernatural Tales

"[This] collection is not about legacy, it’s about literature, and the power of fantastic stories to keep readers engaged over centuries . . . Dreams of Shadow and Smoke offers readers modern stories with the feel of Victorian hearth."

- KQED Arts

"[This] gorgeously produced book is yet another little gem from an excellent, invaluable publisher."

- Mario Guslandi, British Fantasy Society

"[The] stories in Dreams of Shadow and Smoke embrace overtly the weird — they abound with strangeness . . . "

- John Edgar Browning, Dead Reckonings

"An excellent collection, one in which every story earn[s] its keep . . . "

-Peter Tennant, Black Static

"The stories are strong, weird and varied . . . If you're familiar with Le Fanu's work, this is a must-buy collection. If you're not, and simply want a superb assembly of supernatural fiction, it's also essential, and a grand pathway to the actual work of J. S. Le Fanu."

- Rick Kleffel, The Agony Column

"Each of the writers of this anthology demonstrates considerable finesse, indeed, a mastery of subtle and sustained mood . . . And, of this, Mr. Le Fanu would surely approve."

- Hunter Seitz, The Green Book

"[A] fine memorial volume."

- Roger Johnson, Ghosts & Scholars

"This literary parlour game in [Le Fanu's] honour yields happy fruits – his shade would smile."

- Sam Coll, Totally Dublin

"All of these tales are delightfully dark and done with such a degree of finesse that makes the book sheer joy to lose yourself in."

- Nancy O, Oddly Weird Fiction

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