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"The world is an ineffably strange place, filled with wonder and hidden or lost things. So are Mark Valentine's stories. There's scarcely a weak one in this book . . . "

-Rosemary Pardoe, Ghosts & Scholars

"Seventeen Stories demonstrates the wide range of [Valentine's] considerable talents. He is attentive to place and to the power of obsession, but one of his true gifts is an ability to suggest modes of artistic expression."

-Henry Wessells, The Endless Bookshelf

"In Seventeen Stories . . . Valentine offers 'The Adventure of the Green Skull', a Sherlock Holmes pastiche that is almost supernatural; the lush 'Prince Zaleski's Secret', which reprises as its protagonist an exceptionally languid and decadent mastermind created by M. P. Shiel; and 'The Return of Kala Persad', in which he reintroduces an Indian guru who first appeared in an 1895 collection of stories by Headon Hill . . . Other stories in this compact and beautifully made volume from Swan River Press are grouped under the rubrics 'Four Curious Books', 'Three Strange Places', and 'Three Odd Societies'."

-Michael Dirda, Barnes and Noble Review

"Is Valentine a fantasist? Yes, but in a much broader sense than is often meant today . . . . Valentine is a writer in love with the great tradition of the weird tale. Anyone who shares this passion is unlikely to be disappointed by Seventeen Stories."

-David Longhorn, Supernatural Tales Blog

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