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"Valentine is a master at capturing the ineffable in prose, of writing stories that combine a gentle plot, an unusual setting and a character filled with longing to create an effect that describes aspects of the world, aspects of our lives, that simply cannot be addressed in any straightforward fashion."

-The Agony Column

"In recent years, Mark Valentine has wisely been carving a niche for himself . . . Where with Aickman the uncanny is communicated through the psyche of the unreliable narrator, with Valentine it is reflected back to the protaganist by the cumulative effect of place and its harboured, half-ignored history."

-Mark Andresen, The Pan Review

"Mark Valentine's Selected Stories, which despite its seemingly small size is dense, allusive, and thoroughly satisfying."

-Richard Bleiler, Dead Reckonings #13

"This book is arguably the best 'sampler' of Mark Valentine's highly-regarded fiction. While not every story can be deemed supernatural, they are all imbued with a strangeness and beauty that takes them - and the reader - several removes from what is called realism."

-David Longhorn, Supernatural Tales #23

"In all of these stories, and more, there is a remarkable sense of place as well as time. There are hints of Kafka here and there and Iím reminded of the work of Ivo Andric . . . But Valentine brings his own unique voice to the stories in this collection in a synthesis of influences that creates something genuinely new and different. Highly recommended."

-John Kenny, ...You're Reading

"These stories all share an air of mystery as they are slowly revealed in Valentine's gentle enigmatic voice."

-Dublin Duchess

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