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"Reading a Stephen J. Clark story is akin to being caught inside a ritual. Clark is a poet of the occult who evokes that strange region of the imagination where dread and wonder intersect. A writer and artist with genuine vision, to whom the surreal is second nature."

- Adam Nevill

"Stephen J. Clark is not only an original visionary artist, he is a writer of strange romances in the decadent macabre tradition of the Yellow Nineties: elegant, bizarre, full of curious occult learning and louche bohemian characters. He is a modest gentleman, otherwise his work would be blazing more brightly in the literary firmament. This book will adorn your shelves, where it will be at ease in shadowy converse with your copies of A Rebours, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Great God Pan."

- Mark Valentine

"Clark's descriptions of the borderless interiors bleeding into the outside are memorable dreamscapes . . . The unremitting pace of these four little mystical thrillers evoke the best of the pulp-era decadents."

- Mark Andresen, The Pan Review

"Clark’s subtle prose, vivid and disturbing imagery, and the concepts he weaves into his stories make them irresistible to those whose senses have been jaded by more common fare."

- Peter Tenant, Black Static #61

"Of interest to folk who like that strain of weird fiction that rose from the bones of fin de siècle decadent Europe, through secessionist expressionism and entartete kunst to interbellum and post-war surrealism."

-Folk Horror Revival

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