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"While they might be over ninety years old, the tales feel fresh and modern in the way they address genre sensibilities, and Swan River are to be thanked for bringing this intriguing work back into print."

- Peter Tennant, Black Static

"While each tale Ė featuring either a castle, monastery or secretive outbuilding - can therefore be classed as Gothic, they are all written in the, then, modern idiom . . . This gives them a timeless quality that, conversely, evokes many genre-influenced authors today."

- Mark Andresen, The Pan Review

"The stories cover a wide range of themes exploring the various sides of dark fiction and displaying Mercerís many faces as a writer . . . All in all a pleasant re-discovery of a neglected little gem from a not too distant past."

- Mario Guslandi, Nudge

"[Mercer] also seems to have had a limitless imagination, and if the contents of this collection are anything to go by he could have produced many more fascinating stories if he'd chosen to. Unfortunately, this one collection is all he left us . . . "

- G. R. Collia, The Haunted Library

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