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A Ghostly Company, December 2009
Reviewed by António Monteiro

"Brian J. Showers’ still young Swan River Press has spoiled us with a most interesting series of booklets and chapbooks. The present one is no exception. All in all, "My Aunt Margaret’s Adventure" is a very nice and desirable addition to our libraries, and even more so if its authorship were confirmed beyond any reasonable doubt."

Le Fanu Studies, November 2009
Reviewed by Simon Cooke

"Taken as a whole, the scholarly re-publication of this tale is a valuable exercise. Rockhill and Crawford encourage the reader of Le Fanu to think afresh. Implicitly, they focus attention on his style and range of interests. What makes a text by Le Fanu? Can we identify his idiom? And what happens if it fails to comply with our expectations – or skews or challenges them? These questions linger long after the tale has been read.

"Like ghosts, they return to haunt the mind, forcing us to look, once again, for the writer behind the spectral text."

The Supernatural Tales Blog, October 2009
Reviewed by David Longhorn

"Brian J. Showers at Swan River Press is to be complimented for putting this rarity within the reach of Le Fanu fans and M.R. James hyper-completists . . . There are some fine moments, and as usual Le Fanu manages to combine the comical, realistic detail with some genuine chills."

Ghosts & Scholars, September 2009
Reviewed by Rosemary Pardoe

"This new booklet from Brian J. Showers is obviously worth getting for the story itself - an atmospheric and sometimes witty account of sinister goings-on in a country inn - but equally so for the fine Introduction by Jim Rockhill and Afterword by Gary W. Crawford."

Vintage Horror, September 2009
Reviewed by Matt Cowan

"This is a good thriller with interesting characters and plenty of mystery, as well as a twist at the end."

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