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"In [Montague] Summers's opinion [Longsword] is the first Gothic Historical novel and I am prepared to take his word for it. This puts Leland, a church of Ireland Minister, in the company of Le Fanu, Maturin and Bram Stoker as one of the great Irish heroes of the genre."

-Reggie Oliver, -Wormwood #19

"An old style, page turning ripping yarn . . . It aches to be made into a swashbuckling movie. There’s plenty of intrigue and enough in the way of sword fights. The villains are properly dastardly and menacing and their comeuppance is suitably gratifying."

-John Kenny, -You're Reading...

"Swan River Press's Longsword represents an important step forward in a necessary literary renegotiation process. Combined with new and emerging scholarship, this new edition, it is hoped, will see Leland's novel re-invested with the literary significance it has long been denied."

-Christina Morin, Eighteenth-Century Ireland

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