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Supernatural Tales #15, Summer 2009
Reviewed by David Longhorn

The Haunted History Series is an interesting addition to the relatively small genre . . . Confronted by such diverse examples of properly researched evidence, even a sceptic like myself can permit an occasional shudder and “What if . . . ?" The facts as they presented themselves to the researchers are compelling, and we must leave it at that.

Vintage Horror, September 2009
Reviewed by Matt Cowan

Praise for The Seer of Trieste

Valentine tells the tale of his search for remnants of work that may have escaped destruction authored by controversial author/translator/explorer and occultist Sir Richard Burton. This task takes him to Trieste, the site of Burton’s and other renowned writers spot of greatest inspiration. What he finds there is both bizarre and surrealistic. This is a fun, weird tale edited and published by Brian J. Showers with cover art by Meggan Kehrli.

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