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" . . . this new edition is a very fine little book indeed, a real collector's item . . . There are excellent illustrations by Alasdair Wood, which capture the grim, disturbing essence of the tale."

- David Longhorn, Supernatural Tales

"To paraphrase Little Women, it wouldnít be Christmas without any ghost stories. Specializing in Irish writers of supernatural fiction, Swan River Press has just issued a beautiful keepsake volume of J. Sheridan Le Fanuís Green Tea in which an unfortunate cleric finds himself bedeviled by a demonic, red-eyed monkey only he can see. Along with essays by Brian J. Showers and Jim Rockhill, this edition of Le Fanuís Victorian masterpiece comes with a CD of the Wireless Mystery Theatre performing the story."

- Michael Dirda, The Washington Post

"The passion, love and care that went into this anniversary edition are evident in every detail . . . Even 150 years after it was published, 'Green Tea' has stood firmly against the test of time as a wonderfully eerie and well-crafted ghost story."

- Patrick Petterson, Ghosts & Scholars 38

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