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"Meade, quite understandably, turned out sadistic, Grand Guignol thrillers as a respite from writing sentimental claptrap such as A Sweet Girl Graduate and The Rebel of the School. Her scariest, and hitherto scattered, short horror fiction is finally reassembled in Swan River Press’s Eyes of Terror and Other Dark Adventures, superbly edited by Janis Dawson. Highly recommended."

-Michael Dirda, Washington Post

"Meade is a terrific storyteller, able to entice any reader with her simple but perfect prose."

-Mario Guslandi, Gumshoe Review

"Undeniably replete with Gothic tropes. Contested wills, strange powers, odd nocturnal doings, and sinister servants abound, as Meade blends the paraphernalia of the 19th century with the innovations and social upheavals that would define the 20th."

-David Longhorn, Supernatural Tales

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