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"Lucy M. Boston was a first-rate storyteller. As Robert Lloyd Parry observes in his introduction, her debt to James runs deep, but she had her own unique voice."

David Longhorn, -Supernatural Tales #21

"Like the Green Knowe novels on which Boston's reputation is based and for which she won the Carnegie Medal, these stories appear to have been written mainly for older children or young adults. However, Boston makes few concessions to her younger readers: horror is not avoided, nor altogether survived. Her writing is straightforward, but not simple or anodyne. Horrific details are faced unflinchingly . . . "

Reggie Oliver, -Wormwood 17

"Boston's tales are written in a solid, classical narrative style, in the tradition of the great ghost story writers . . . . a charming book unearthing forgotten gems and apt to delight any ghost story lover."

Mario Guslandi, -British Fantasy Society

"This is a very welcome publication . . . . well worth reading."

David Harris, -Ghosts & Scholars #21 (April 2012)

"This publication is an important contribution to the canon of the supernatural tale, as well as being a much deserved monument to the fascinating Lucy Boston."

Peter Bell, -A Ghostly Company Newsletter #39

"Having greatly enjoyed Curfew and other Eerie Tales, let me again recommend this fine volume from Swan River Press. . . . Overall, this handsome volume is a good read and (for me) a good introduction to a writer whose fiction passed me by when I was a wee lad."

David Longhorn, -Supernatural Tales Blog

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