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"Last, but hardly least, Irelandís Swan River Press has brought out The Anniversary of Never, a posthumous collection by the World Fantasy Award-winner Joel Lane. Here, with sad irony, the overall theme is the afterlife. In 'Sight Unseen', a wrenching father-son story, the narrator speculates about his dadís apparently psychotic conviction that aliens have been using his eyes to spy on the world. But was he really insane? Humankind, said T.S. Eliot, cannot bear very much reality."

-Michael Dirda, The Washington Post

"Melancholy and bleak, the weird, often dark stories in this slim, beautiful volume are a fitting coda to Lane's life and work."

- Ellen Datlow, Best Horror of the Year 8

"These succinct stories, each no more than a few thousand words long, show the author writing at the top of his game. They leave us wondering how much more memorable fiction Lane might have produced, and regretting that he did not live longer."

-Stefan Dziemianowicz, Locus

"[Joel Lane] is one of few writers who has always compelled me to pore over every sentence as if I am desperately seeking something . . . "

-Adam Nevill

"Joel Lane had a pessimistic but very lucid notion of human existence, its frailties and its unfathomable mysteries . . . [This] elegantly produced volume provides an interesting showcase of the authorís melancholy narrative style and of his insightful view of the world we live in."

-Mario Guslandi, British Fantasy Society

"As in all Lane's work, the visionary and the mundane are combined to powerful but understated effect . . . There is little sunlight in these stories, but they offer rich and varied forms of darkness illuminated by the author's wit and intelligence."

-David Longhorn, Supernatural Tales

"An excellent assemblage of stories, a liminal collection whose ghost like state almost mimics that of much of the material contained within its pages."

-Peter Tennant, Black Static

"Leisurely, yet fast-moving and exegetically eclectic with literary polishing . . . "

-D.F. Lewis, Real-Time Reviews

"Dieser Band sollte (und das ist durchaus Prognose wie Forderung) dazu beitragen, dass Joel Lane so schnell nicht vergessen werden wird."

-Michael GŲttert, African Paper

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