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John Connolly

Robert Lloyd Parry as M.R. James

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Friday, 19th – Sunday, 21st August 2016

For information on the Dublin Ghost Story Festival 2018, please click here.

Guest of Honour – Adam Nevill

Adam Nevill was born in Birmingham, England, in 1969 and grew up in England and New Zealand. He is the author of the supernatural horror novels Banquet for the Damned, Apartment 16, House of Small Shadows, No One Gets Out Alive, and Lost Girl. In 2012 The Ritual was the winner of the August Derleth Award for Best Horror Novel, and Last Days won the same award in 2013. Adam lives in Devon, England.

Master of Ceremonies – John Connolly

John Connolly was born in Dublin in 1968. He studied English at Trinity College, Dublin and journalism at Dublin City University. John is the author of the Charlie Parker mysteries – many of which are infused with the supernatural – as well as three collections of macabre stories The Book of Lost Things, Nocturnes, and Night Music.

Ghost Stories of M.R. James – Nunkie Theatre Company

"Storytelling at its finest" – The Stage. For over a decade, Robert Lloyd Parry has been performing a series of one-man shows based on the stories of M.R. James, the greatest writer of supernatural tales in English. Lloyd Parry's uncanny resemblance to the author has been noted with a shudder by more than one enthusiastic audience member. "Perfectly judged to send an enjoyable chill down the spine" – Metro.

Esteemed Guests

A.K. Benedict -
Brian Coldrick -
Paul Kane -
Maura McHugh -
David Mitchell -
Marie O'Regan -
Sarah Pinborough -
John Reppion -
Lynda E. Rucker -
Angela Slatter -


Thursday, 18 August – Exhibition Launch: Brian Coldrick's "Behind You" at Gallery X; 65 South William Street, 6-8pm.

Friday, 19 August – Opening night will feature registration, a whiskey reception, a sneak peek at the dealers room, and Nunkie Theatre Company's M.R. James play, "Casting the Runes".

Saturday, 20 August – A full day on Saturday will feature panel discussions of all things ghostly, a mass signing, and an interview with our guest of honour.

Sunday, 21 August – This will be a more relaxed and social day, with more panels, a reading, a book launch, and finally lunch and pints in the pub.

Download the full schedule here.


The Dublin Ghost Story Festival is a joint venture between author John Connolly and publisher Brian J. Showers of the Swan River Press. Please direct all queries to brian [at] swanriverpress [dot] ie

If you'd like to help us promote the event, here's a link for our poster, with wonderful artwork by Alisdair Wood, you can download and circulate.

Special Thanks

The Dublin Ghost Story Festival would like to thank the Horror Writers Association, Metalman Brewing Company, Mr. Brendan Kilty SC of James Joyce Whiskey, Giovanni Giusti of Gallery X, Hachette Book Group, Keith Stent and the Freemason's Hall, and Andy Cox at TTA Press for their generous support.


B Anne Adriaens
Stian Andersen
Diala el Atat

Andrew Barkham
Laura Barry
Alan Beattie
A.K. Benedict (Guest)
Lisa Birkett
Emily Bourke
Amelia Bradshaw
Celine Broughal
Martin Brown
Rob Brown
Keith Brunkard

Tina Callaghan
Mike Calvert
Imelda Carroll
Kestrel Carroll
Nicholas Carroll
Reggie Chamberlain-King
Aislínn Clarke
Brian Coldrick (Guest)
Mark Collard
Carol Connolly
John Connolly (Master of Ceremonies)
Fiona Conway
Dolorosa de la Cruz
Laura-Leigh Davies
Joe Dee
Gavin Dimmock
Sarah Dimmock
Alexandra Dimou

Brian Eardley
Dom Eiben
John Eggeling
Judy Eggeling

Caroline Farrell
Lynzie Fitzpatrick

Andy Gaines
Alison Gapert
Rene Gapert
Liam Garriock
Lorraine Garriock
John Gaskin
Liam Geraghty
Una Gilligan
Isabella Good
Luke Gough
Donna Gowland
Steve Gowland
John Graby
Daniel Grattan

Ingvild Halvorsen
Kevin Hanna
Cheryl Harding
Gerry Hayes
Martin Hayes
Amanda Healy
Annemarie Healy
Owen Hedges
Tim Hodkinson
Sean Hogan
Helen Hopley
Derek Hynes

Timothy J. Jarvis
Derek John

Paul Kane (Guest)
Lois Kapila
Jerry Kelleher
Helen Kemp
Richard Kirby

Ellen C. Lamb
Diane Lawlis-Clarke
Christian Ledwidge-O'Reilly
Sarah LeFanu
Frank Ludlow
Kurt Lussi

James Machin
Donagh MacMahon
Rozann Matonich
Deirbhile McGuirk
Maura McHugh (Guest)
Maeve McKenna
Alan McMaster
David Mitchell (Guest)
Antonio Monteiro
Maria Monteiro
Thomas Muckian
Bernice M. Murphy
Eoin Murphy
Colette Murray
Eric Nash
Bob Neilson
Adam Nevill (Guest of Honour)
Linda NiChualladh

Aisling O'Byrne
Jennifer O'Byrne
Róisín O'Byrne
David O'Connell
Emmet O'Cuana
Stevie O'Cuana
Michael O'Dea
Rory O'Donnell
Jacinta O'Grady
Marie O'Regan (Guest)
Alannah O'Reilly
Cliodhna O'Reilly
Rachel Orton
Alison O'Shea
Karen O'Shea

David Philips
Sarah Pinborough (Guest)
Charlene Putney
Charles Putney
Grainne Putney

Jolene Quinn

John Reppion (Guest)
Andy Richards
Angela Richards
Jennie Ridyard
Martin Roberts
Andrew Robertson
Lynda E. Rucker (Guest)

Rainah Sandstrom
Brian J. Showers
Aine de Siun
Angela Slatter (Guest)
Kieron Spackman
Sebastian Stephenson
Monika Szymanska

Christine Taylor
Keishia Taylor
Mike Taylor
Christopher Teague
Sophie Tolhurst
Sam Tranum
Sarah Treleaven
Lisa Tuttle

Karen Vaughan

Marcus Walsh
Kate Walshe
Jonathan Weir
Brian West
Katie West
Ailish White

Adrian Zschorn
Rosalind Zschorn

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